The CEB Financial Statistics database is the only comprehensive source of financial statistics for the organizations of the United Nations system. Data is collected for the 33 United Nations organizations.  Wherever possible, the figures are based on official data as per organizations’ audited financial statements. This data is now collected annually by the CEB Secretariat, as originally mandated by the Administrative Committee on Coordination (General Assembly decisions 47/449, 53/459, 57/557 and 57/558). The CEB also uses this data to issue a report to the General Assembly – the most recent was document A/71/583.

In its resolution 63/311 on system-wide coherence, the Assembly requested the Secretary-General to create a central repository of information on operational activities for development, including disaggregated statistics on all funding sources and expenditures and to ensure appropriate and user-friendly online access and regular updating of the information contained therein.  The CEB Financial Statistics database was modernized in 2012 to meet this requirement. The CEB Financial Statistics database is also the data source of the DESA Report on the Operational Activities for Development. 

Finance and Budget Themes