Expenses by Function



Standard II. UN system function - provides definitions for functions carried out by UN system organizations, to facilitate consistent reporting by entities of expenses against the main functional areas of the UN.

This page shows the different spending dimensions of the UN system by the primary functions as defined by Standard II (before referred as programme categories). 

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Besides the displays shown below, alternative views of the data are made available using interactive charts to expand contents. For detailed insights please click on the category of interest in the respective chart(s). The filter(s) can be removed by clicking once again on the corresponding category. All data and charts are available for download at the bottom of this page. 

Expenses by Function

"Other" refers to expenses reported under the old (2010-2017) technical cooperation and normative & knowledge creation activities categories. This aggregation was done for entities whose historical data is not comparable with  the new four functions.
Expenses by Function by Year



All values are in USD.

Year Expense function Entity Total % of total