CEB Secretariat

The CEB Secretariat supports CEB and its High-Level Committee on Programmes and High-Level Committee on Management by:

  • organizing and following up on all CEB, HLCP and HLCM sessions;
  • supporting the work of the chairs of HLCP and HLCM as well as their Networks and Working Groups;
  • providing analysis to bolster strategic discussions of CEB and its Committees;
  • coordinating and facilitating best practices among UN system organizations on major policy and programme trends;
  • strengthening engagement with intergovernmental bodies; and
  • providing access to the UN system for Member States and the broader public.

The CEB Secretariat is co-located in New York and Geneva.

    New York Office

    Address: DC2-0610 2 United Nations Plaza New York, N.Y. 10017 USA

    Tel.: +1-212/963 81 38

    • Secretary of CEB / Director, CEB Secretariat: Ms. Simona Petrova     
    • Secretary, High-Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP): Ms. Maaike Jansen
    • Senior Programme Management Officer: Ms. Federica Pietracci 
    • Programme Officer, HLCP: Ms. Cheryl Stafford
    • Programme Management Officer, HLCP: Mr. Li Zhou
    • Programme Management Officer: Ms. Marije van den Berg
    • Special Assistant to the Director: Mr. Simon Vandenbroucke 
    • Associate Expert in Sustainable Development: Mr. Florian Wintermeyer
    • Research Assistant: Ms. Fabienne Fon Sing
    • Programme Management Assistant: Ms. Marta Lorenzo Fernandez

    Geneva office

    Address: C-553 Palais des Nations CH-1211 Genève 10 Switzerland

    Tel.: +41-022/917 32 76

    • Secretary, High-Level Committee on Management (HLCM) / Chief, Geneva Office: Mr. Remo Lalli
    • Senior Inter-Agency Advisor on Human Resources Network / Coordinator Human Resources Network: Mr. Michael Rosetz
    • Inter-Agency Adviser on Finance and Budget / Coordinator Finance and Budget Network: Ms. Carmen Jimenez Gonzalez 
    • Coordinator Digital and Technology Network: Mr. Richard Maciver
    • Coordination Officer: Mr. Silvan Scheiwiller

    • Associate Expert in Interagency Coordination: Mr. Francesco Sansoni

    • Associate Expert in Data Analytics and Human Resources Management: Mr. Ben Riemenschneider
    • Associate Expert in Budget and Finance: Ms. Ekaterina Zizekalova
    • IT Assistant: Mr. Pierre Cornier
    • Administrative Assistant: Ms. Stéphanie Boubault
    • Staff Assistant: Ms. Monica Abalos