Revenue by Contributor Type


This page shows data on contributions received by contributor (donor) across the UN system. The data has been categorized into 9 contributor types.  The contributor types used are aligned with those used in the IATI standard, although IATI contains a more granular breakdown of government, NGO and private sector types.

This data includes funding from government and other-public contributors such as the European Commission, the UN Inter-agency pooled funds, the Global vertical funds, and the International Financial Institutions; as well as funding from non-state actors such as Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Public Private Partnerships, Foundations, and Academic & Research institutions.

Entities such as International Financial Institutions, global vertical funds, UN organizations and transfers from UN interagency pooled funds are included under the ‘Multilateral’ category.

Standard VI. Reporting on revenue by contributor - provides guidance on reporting contributions received by contributor (donor).

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How to Navigate the page

Besides the displays shown below, alternative views of the data are made available in drop-down menus and using the interactive chart to expand contents. For detailed insights please click on the category of interest in the respective option. The filter(s) can be removed by clicking on the "clear" button. All data and charts are available for download at the bottom of this page.


The chart below shows the various categories of contributors financing the activities of the UN system and by the revenue type (assessed, voluntary and other contributions).


Contributor Types

*Others in the pie chart above include revenues from NGOs, Public Private Partnership Institutions and other contributors.

*Multilateral institutions in the charts above include contributions from International Financial Institutions, Global vertical funds, UN organizations excluding pooled funds, UN Inter-agency pooled funds and other multilateral institutions.

Contributor type Name Contributor type Name
C01 Government C04E Multilateral - Other
C02 NGOs C05 Foundations
C03 Public Private Partnership C06 Private Sector
C04A Multilateral - International Financial Institutions C07 Academic and Training Institutions
C04B Multilateral - Global vertical funds C08A European Commission
C04C Multilateral - UN organizations excluding pooled funds C08B Other Contributors
C04D Multilateral - UN Inter-agency pooled funds C09 No contributor