Procurement Network


Bérénice Bessière, Director, Procurement and Travel Division, WIPO


Katinka Rosenbom, Chief of Contracting, UNICEF

Meeting frequency

Twice a year


The Procurement Network (PN) was established in April 2007. The Network’s mandate is to promote the strategic role of Procurement and Supply Chain Management in programme and service delivery in a transparent and accountable manner.

As of June 2017, representatives from 40 organisations are members of the Procurement Network. These orgabelnisations are represented by their Procurement Directors, Head and/or Chiefs, who actively participate in the Network’s bi-annual meetings. Together these representatives have responsibility for the total UN procurement. The overall procurement volume (goods and services combined) of UN organizations in 2016 was $17.7 billion.

The Network’s programme of work focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement function within the UN System, through collaborative arrangements, simplification and harmonisation of procurement practices and by fostering professionalism amongst the staff responsible for procurement. It also promotes business opportunities for potential suppliers from developing countries, as well as those from countries with economies in transition. 

The Procurement Network is responsible for the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM at, the procurement portal of the UN System, which brings together more than 2500 UN procurement staff and the supplier community.

Working Group on the Harmonization of UN Procurement Business Practices and Processes

The WG has created a common framework for harmonisation of procurement-related regulations, rules, policies, procedures and business practices.  A standardised toolkit for country level procurement practitioners, taking into account the best practices, needs and insights from the country level has also been produced.  The WG provides support to the UNDG when required to support UNCTs implementing harmonized procurement.

Working Group on Professional Development

This group supports the professional development of procurement staff through strengthening peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing on best practices, innovative approaches and job descriptions. To facilitate this network of job description focal points has been established as well as the annual publication of a ‘Training Compendium’, detailing the various training/qualification/certification programmes being offered by UN agencies. Work is underway to identify a platform to facilitate the knowledge-sharing aspect, which is at the core of this group’s work.