Strategic Vendor Management Working Group

Chair: Mr. Walter Grandpré (ILO)

Reporting to: Procurement Network

The objective of this group is to establish a strategic vision for vendor management and on that basis design, implement and monitor vendor related activities of the HLCM Procurement Network pursuant to relevant General Assembly resolutions, in particular to: 

  • Increase and facilitate access of suppliers, including  from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, to the United Nations market through awareness building and outreach activities, simplified processes and establishing partnerships with the private sector and Member State institutions. 
  • Increase and facilitate the use of the UNGM by organisations of the United Nations system through technical measures, integrating new features and improving user friendliness of IT applications.
  • Engage in the coordination and wherever possible  harmonization of legal and administrative processes of the United Nations system impacting on vendors, for example in the areas of vendor eligibility, bid protest and ethical supplier behaviour. 
  • Define strategies for financing new initiatives and projects with a particular focus on partnerships with institutional and private sector entities.
  • Procurement Network (PN)