Actions are the outcomes of meetings. They are extracted from session reports and classified here by agenda item and mechanism.

Action Agenda items Datesort ascending
Action on ASHI – Outcome of the General Assembly's discussions on the SG’s report Other Financial and Budgetary Questions, Medical standards, insurance, care 28/07/2016
Action on ERP Interoperability Feasibility Study Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 28/07/2016
Action on System-wide semantic framework (XML) for document management Development, Sustainable development, Programming process, Technology and innovation 28/07/2016
Action on Peace and Preventing Conflict Peace and Security, Armed conflict, Peace-building 08/03/2016
Action on Sustainable Development Development, Sustainable development, Urbanization 08/03/2016
Action on Urbanization and Sustainable Development Development, Sustainable development, Urbanization 08/03/2016
Action on Disaster Risk Reduction Development, Disaster risk reduction 08/03/2016
Action on Climate Change Climate change 08/03/2016
Action on Inequality Development, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Equality 08/03/2016
Action on Inequality Labour and employment 12/10/2015
Action on Youth Employment Labour and employment 12/10/2015
Action on the Outcome of the ICSC Review of the UN system compensation package & ICSC recommendation regarding Mandatory Age of Separation for current staff Administrative relationships, International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) 06/10/2015
Action on Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse Special HR Issues 06/10/2015
Action on the Thematic discussion: UN system's Operational fit for the new Sustainable Development Agenda Development, Sustainable development 06/10/2015
Action on Safety and security issues for UN staff – Duty of Care Medical standards, insurance, care 05/10/2015
Action on Operational Activities on Development Administrative relationships 29/04/2015
Action on Management Issues 29/04/2015
Action on United Nations Development Group 29/04/2015
Action on Data Revolution 29/04/2015
Action on High-level Committee on Programmes 29/04/2015
Action on the HLCM Strategic Group on reconciling the "duty of care" for UN System personnel Security and safety of staff 22/04/2015
Action on the UN System Occupational Health and Safety Framework Health, Security and safety of staff 22/04/2015
Action on Ebola Affected Countries: Maintaining the Capacity of UN clinics Health, Ebola Crisis 22/04/2015
Action on the System-wide road map for UN Climate Neutrality by 2020 Climate change, Climate neutral UN 22/04/2015
Action on the ERP Interoperability Study Enterprise risk management (ERM) 22/04/2015
Action on the HLCM Strategic Plan 2013-2016 and follow-up to the CEB post 2015 Fit for Purpose Development, Post-2015 Development Agenda 21/04/2015
Action on the UN System programme of work for a Data Revolution ICT Strategic Framework 21/04/2015
Action on the ICSC review of the UN System compensation package International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) 21/04/2015
Action on Programme Matters Development, Post-2015 Development Agenda 17/12/2014
Action on Cybersecurity/Cybercrime Information security 17/12/2014