Data for download

This page centralizes access to statistical data produced by CEB Secretariat for reporting on the HR & Finance and Budget operations of the UN system.

Datasets are made available for download in CSV format for both reporting categories. Alternatively, dedicated pages provide the possibility to chart, drill-down and analyse Human Resources and Finance and Budget data online.

Please note that Human Resources data includes personnel with staff contracts or on staff appointments for one year or more at the 31 December of the respective year. The financial statistics pages provide accessible disaggregated data on funding sources and expenses by the United Nations system, the figures are validated with the organizations’ audited financial statements wherever possible. More information on the UN Data Cube, the reporting standard applied to the collection of financial statistics can be found here.

Data presented here is collected by the CEB Secretariat from the Organizations of the UN System. The organisations remain accountable for the figures provided. Should you require more detailed or specific information, please refer your inquiry to the submitting organization(s) directly.

*The values in the financial data below are all in USD.