Session Report

Report of 31st Session (23-24 OCTOBER 2018, NEW YORK)

The 31st session of the DT Network was hosted by the United Nations Secretariat (OICT) in New York between 23 and 24 October 2018. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Atefeh Riazi (Chief Information Technology Officer, Assistant Secretary-General) and Mr. Jeffrey Modell (Chief Information Officer and Director, International Atomic Energy Agency). New Network members were welcomed from UNCTAD, UNICC and CTBTO. Many items on the Network’s agenda spoke to the challenges and opportunities in defining a strategic vision for the Network. Discussion on the Network's Terms of Reference led to a review of its mission, governance, strategic positioning and name. Recognizing the need to extend the Network's focus towards a strategic and digital transformation of the UN system as a whole, the ICTN unanimously adopted the motion to rename itself to the Digital & Technology Network (DTN). This decision acknowledges the role of technology and the Network in supporting the business and working together with other networks in order to facilitate organization-wide innovation and change. This name change also translates to a shift in focus from operational and tactical towards a strategic collaboration in programmatic and frontier activities.

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