Rates of subsistence allowance (per diem)

(1)     At the 8th session (February 1950: CC/A.8/SR.8; CO-ORDINATION-PREP/R.176) CCAQ reached agreement (subject to confirmation by correspondence) on: subsistence rates; application of reductions during travel by train, plane and ship; and local rates during stopovers. UN was to be the central co-ordinating office for collection and analysis of data. It would recommend rates after consultation with all agencies concerned, and notify the effective date of application when agreement had been reached.

Arrangements with travel agencies

(1) At its 12th session (April 1952: CO-ORDINATION/R.124, para. 15) CCAQ decided not to pursue the question whether the organizations might obtain a special status with air lines which would enable them to receive "travel agents' commission" on fares. At its 13th and 16th sessions (first part) (September 1952 and April 1955: CO-ORDINATION/R.132 and R.193/Rev. 1) the Committee noted the satisfactory experience of a number of organizations whose travel arrangements were made by travel agencies under contract. (2) At its 26th session (March 1965: CO-ORDINATION/R.488, para.