Arrangements with travel agencies

(1) At its 12th session (April 1952: CO-ORDINATION/R.124, para. 15) CCAQ decided not to pursue the question whether the organizations might obtain a special status with air lines which would enable them to receive "travel agents' commission" on fares. At its 13th and 16th sessions (first part) (September 1952 and April 1955: CO-ORDINATION/R.132 and R.193/Rev. 1) the Committee noted the satisfactory experience of a number of organizations whose travel arrangements were made by travel agencies under contract. (2) At its 26th session (March 1965: CO-ORDINATION/R.488, para. 54) CCAQ examined a suggestion that the organizations might establish their own travel agency, but concluded that this would not be advisable in existing circumstances.

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