Compensation for staff and dependants

(1) At its 9th session (July 1950: CC/A.9/SR.1; CO-ORDINATION/R.83) the Committee adopted a provisional scale of benefits to serve as a basis for financial studies and a programme for future work. It also approved a provisional scale of benefits applicable to technical assistance experts. The matter was further discussed at the 11th session (1951: CC/A.11/SR.9; CO-ORDINATION/R.93).

Liabilities towards members of committees and commissions

(1) At the 14th and 16th (first part) sessions (April 1953 and April 1955: CO-ORDINATION/R.142, para. 89, and R.193/Rev.1, para. 57) CCAQ discussed the varying degrees of liability assumed for service-incurred death and disability of members of commissions and committees. The Committee requested the Secretary to arrange for a compilation of comparative practices in the various agencies. This was reviewed at the second part of the 17th session (April 1956: CO-ORDINATION/R.224), para.

Liabilities towards fellows

(1) At its 55th session, the Committee considered the question of insurance coverage of fellowship holders. Before taking a definitive decision, the Committee decided to entrust to UN and UNESCO further research into practical arrangements (ACC/1981/31, paras. 121-123). CCAQ reverted to this matter at its 56th session (March 1982) on the basis of a report by UN and UNESCO (ACC/1982/PER/16), which provided a description of the main features of an insurance policy for fellows.

Liabilities towards UNDP-financed experts

(1) At its 58th session (March 1983) CCAQ(FB) noted information collected by IAPSU on recent experience in the organizations with regard to compensation for service-incurred injury, illness or death of staff financed by UNDP, as well as suggestions by UNDP on funding compensation payments for such staff. As most organizations had commercial insurance policies to cover compensation payments, IAPSU was requested to obtain quotations for a common policy, which could cover staff financed from sources of funds other than UNDP if this was desired by individual organizations (ACC/1983/11, paras.