Liabilities towards members of committees and commissions

(1) At the 14th and 16th (first part) sessions (April 1953 and April 1955: CO-ORDINATION/R.142, para. 89, and R.193/Rev.1, para. 57) CCAQ discussed the varying degrees of liability assumed for service-incurred death and disability of members of commissions and committees. The Committee requested the Secretary to arrange for a compilation of comparative practices in the various agencies. This was reviewed at the second part of the 17th session (April 1956: CO-ORDINATION/R.224), para. 39) when CCAQ asked UN to obtain agencies' views as to types of bodies and situations in respect of which agencies should assume liability, and to put the information before the Committee at its regular 1957 session.

(2) At its twentieth session (CEB/2010/5, paras.58-68), HLCM agreed to move forward with the following recommendation, which did not entail cost implications:

     Recommendation 6(b):  That organizations establish a coordinated focal contact within their organization to provide staff and their families affected by malicious acts, natural disasters and other emergencies with relevant information, advice and compensation and to assist them in filing and tracking their compensation claims.  

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