Virtual Events with Interpretation

This document is intended for internal use within the UN family. It provides guidelines and best practices for organizing a virtual conference, meeting, or event (collectively referred as “Event” hereinafter) and how to support interactive remote participation, based on experience gained since 2010 from various UN organizations. The Event can be statutory in nature where strict accreditation, authentication and access control are required, or open to the general public where no authentication or pre-registration is required.

Meetings can be fully virtual or hybrid (i.e. with physically onsite participants in a meeting room with remote participants joining interactively via web-conference platforms). Within this document, hybrid meeting means the chairman, secretary, moderator, interpreters and most participants are physically in the physical meet room with some participants joining remotely.

  • Digital & Technology Network (DTN)
  • Common Approaches


  • Virtual Events and Remote Participation Guidelines

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