Information Security Special Interest Group

  • Co-Chairs: Mr. Hans de JONG (IAEA), Ms. Sachiko HASUMI (IOM)
  • Reporting to Digital & Technology Network (DTN)
  • Meeting frequency: Once a year

Recognizing the increasing importance of information security to achieving the mandates of their organizations, in 2011 the ICT Network (ICTN) of the High-level Committee on Management (HLCM) agreed to establish an Information Security Special Interest Group (UNISSIG) dedicated to the critical area of information security.

The UNISSIG is the principle mechanism within the UN system for the promotion of inter-agency cooperation and collaboration on information security-related matters. Its primary objective is the optimization of information security within its member organizations. This objective is pursued through the continuous and collective assessment of the UN system’s exposure to (internal and external) threats, in order to reduce exposure to risk on all levels of an organization, particularly the strategic and operational levels.

Member organizations recognise that the effective protection of UN system information assets provides a platform of trust with all stakeholders and thus requires a holistic approach to information security and data protection, in order to safeguard, inter-alia, organizations’ integrity, external image and operational effectiveness. The UNISSIG, therefore, addresses the management of organizational risk associated with the confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability of member organizations’ information assets.

A coordinated and consistent approach to information security management within the UN system is furthered by the UNISSIG through its commitment to sharing of knowledge, experiences and solutions, and the implementation of joint projects. Executive Sessions present an opportunity for the group to review and revise the priority and progress of action items appearing on its work-plan.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital & Technology Network (DTN)


  • UNISSIG Terms of Reference (Rev.2)

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