(1) At its 13th session (September 1952: CO-ORDINATION/R.132, paras. 23-52) CCAQ adopted guiding principles concerning the application of certain staff rules. These are set out in paragraphs 25-52 of section IX of R.132 and relate, inter alia, to notice of termination of appointment (para. 29); terminations occasioned by reduction in force, unsatisfactory service and disability; non-renewal of a fixed-term appointment.

(2) At its 31st session (March 1970: CO-ORDINATION/R.798, paras. 25 and Add.7) CCAQ agreed on the text of a report to the XVIIIth session of ICSAB which, inter alia, covered grounds for termination.

(3) At its 59th session (July 1983: ACC/1983/18, paras. 40-42) CCAQ gave preliminary consideration to a WHO proposal to revise the conditions for the grant of indemnities in the case of termination on health grounds and, in particular, the relationship of such indemnities to compensation received from other sources. After several discussions in CCAQ, the WHO proposal was not accepted (see also section 6.5, para. (8)).

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