Session Report

Second Regular Session Report (8-9 November 2002, New York)

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM and HLCP). Discussions on Programme issues (Follow-up to the Millennium Summit: “Preventing armed conflict”;  Future role of the High-level Committee on Programmes (HLCP) in follow-up to the United Nations Millennium Declaration; Preparations for future  discussions on financing for development and strategies for sustainable development) and Management issues (Staff security and safety; Reform of the pay and benefits system; Information and communication technologies; Dialogue with the Chairman of the International Civil Service Commission and staff representatives; Secretary-General’s reform initiative).

The report is available in other UN official languages at the UN Official Documents System.

  • Coordination with other UN Mechanisms
  • Data and Statistics
  • Financing for Sustainable Development
  • Global Crises
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • UN System Statistics
  • Chief Executives Board (CEB)
  • Session report


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