Session Report

Report of 8th Session (July 2004, New York)

Review of the pay and benefits system: Mobility/hardship allowance, hazard pay and strategic bonuses; Education grant: review of the methodology for determining the level of the grant; Implementation of the pilot study on broadbanding/reward for contribution; Progress report on the implementation of the new Master Standard for the job evaluation system relating to the Professional and higher categories; Contractual arrangements; Evolution of the United Nations/United States net remuneration margin; Base/floor salary scale; Review of the level of the education grant; Review of the Noblemaire Principle, including total compensation comparisons; Establishment of grade equivalencies between the United States federal civil service and the United Nations system; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment in Madrid; Considerations related to reviewing the Job Classification Standards for the General Service and related categories; Common scale of staff assessment; Mission subsistence allowance; Report of the Panel on the strengthening of the international civil service; Report on piloting of lump sum relocation payments; Base line survey on inter-agency mobility; Update on the creation of a joint FB/HR working group on long-term care; Update on the establishment of a Senior Management Service; Status report on the recognition of personal status; Jointly-funded salary survey activities; Report of the Inter-Agency Security Management Network; Progress report from the Working Group on HIV/AIDS in the workplace; Collaboration with UNDG: IAMP Internal Vacancy System Website; Spouse employment initiatives; Staff harassment; Proposal for financial support to FICSA; Update on revision of UN’s 200 series staff rules.

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