Session Report

Report of 9th Session (February 2005, Geneva)

Review of the pay and benefits system: Modernizing and simplifying allowances: Spouse benefits; Children’s and secondary dependant’s allowances; Mobility and hardship allowance, hazard pay and strategic bonuses; Contractual arrangements; Progress report from piloting organizations on implementation of the pilot studies on broadbanding/reward for contribution; Base/floor salary scale; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment in Paris; Total compensation comparisons under the Noblemaire Principle: Results of the United Nations/United States grade equivalency studies; Total compensation comparison – Stage I; Mission subsistence allowance including Report of the Working Group on entitlements of staff serving at non-family duty stations; Jointly-funded salary survey activities; Inter-Organization Mobility Accord; Update on implementation of the Senior Management Service; Access to hard currency by locally recruited staff for education of dependent children abroad; Re-negotiation of Agreement with AIIC; HIV and AIDS in the UN system workplace; Potential HR Issues linked to Procurement Certification Scheme; Personnel Statistics; Spouse Employment; DSA for locally-recruited staff; Governance arrangements with regard to collaboration between the ICSC and the HR Network.

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