Session Report

Report of 13th Session (March 2007, New York)

The system-wide implications for HR management of the recommendations included in the Report of the High-Level Panel contained in A/61/583; The development of the senior management network; The review of the administrative guidelines for an Influenza pandemic; draft JIU Report on the “Age Structure of Human Resources in the Organizations of the United Nations system”; Staff Management relations; Compensation and benefits: Review of the pay and benefits system: modernizing and simplifying allowances: Separation payments; Considerations related to reviewing the Job Evaluation Standards for the General Service and related categories including a report from HR representatives in the Working Group; Results of the United Nations /United States grade equivalency studies; Progress report from HR representatives in the Working Group on the determination and administration of the education grant; GS Salary Survey System for non-headquarters location; Employment Policy: Contractual Policy; The provision of leave; Career Development and Performance Management including a report of the Career Development Roundtable; Staffing of field missions: review of the entitlements of internationally recruited staff in non-family duty stations; Update on the communication strategy for the revised mobility and hardship scheme; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment at London; Implications of the enlargement of the European Union at 1 January 2007 to include Bulgaria and Romania; Standing Committee on Field Duty Stations; UN Cares Implementation Plan 2008-2009; UNDG Dual Career and Spouse Employment Programme; Minutes of the Meeting of the HR Network Standing Committee on Field Duty Stations.

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