Session Report

Report of 14th Session (July 2007,  Geneva)

Oral updates from Working Groups: Education grant; Long-term care; Appendix D; Salary Surveys; Briefing and update: Safety and Security update by the Department of Safety and Security of Staff; Update from the Medical Doctors Network on its meeting in April 2007; Update from the IT Network on their last meeting; Briefing from the FB Network; Issues for discussion: The system-wide implications for HR management of the recommendations included in the report of the High Level Panel contained in A/61/583) (discussion on business process exercise and action plans); UN Contracts – issues of concern; Senior Management Network; Leadership Development Programme; UN Cares Implementation Plan 2008-2009; Dual career and spouse employment programme; Methodology for Salary Survey; Staff Management Relations; Mobility and Hardship scheme, adjustments; Census data as of 31 Dec 2006 for the field security cost-sharing; Cost-sharing arrangements for several projects; Work/life balance; “Diploma mills”; Pending issues from the March HR Network session; Review of the pay and benefits system: (a) Modernizing and simplifying allowances: (i) All leave entitlements; (ii) Language incentives; (b) Monitoring of the pilot study of broad banding/pay-for-performance; (c) Education grant: review of the methodology for determining the grant; Evolution of the United Nations/United States net remuneration margin; (b) Base/floor salary scale; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment in London and Geneva; Progress report on development of a Senior Management Network; Administrative and budgetary matters: proposed programme budget for the biennium 2008/2009;Standing Committee on Field Duty Stations; Minutes of the Meeting of the HR Network Standing Committee on Field Duty Stations; Inter-Agency Framework for Rest and Recuperation; Inter-Agency Framework Work Flow for SOA and R&R.

  • Coordination with other UN Mechanisms
  • Future of Work
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Risk Management, Oversight and Accountability
  • Human Resources Network (HRN)
  • Session report


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