Session Report

Report of  16th Session (July 2008, New York)

Base/floor salary scale; Evolution of the United Nations/United States net remuneration margin; Mobility/hardship scheme: review of the operation of the revised scheme, review of the levels; children’s and secondary dependant’s allowances: review of the levels; Assessing the implementation of the Job Evaluation Master Standard for the Professional and higher categories; Progress report on the Senior Management Network; Education grant: (a) Review of the methodology for determining the grant; (b) Review of the level of the grant; Review of the gender balance in the United Nations common system; Performance management; Alignment of budget with strategic plans; Conditions of service in the field: effectiveness and impact of recruitment and retention measures at difficult duty stations; Young Professionals and the UN as an Employer; Harmonization of Hazard Pay (Ref.: Brahimi Panel report: “Towards a culture of security and accountability”); Appreciation of local currencies and its effects on UN staff remuneration; UNDP proposal for conditions of service for Resident Coordinators; 2008/2009 Work Plan Update; Briefing – HLCM 15th Session, March 2008; Updates from Working Groups: (a) Education Grant - CEB Review of the level; Review of the methodology; (b) GS Salary Survey: (i) Preparatory meeting for the Review of the GS Salary Survey Methodology; (ii) National staff concerns - Vision of organizations; (c) Currency Effects from the declining US dollar; (d) Guidelines on “Disabilities” in the workplace; (e) Mobility Accord (HR Network/Legal Network); Performance Evaluation – presentation by UNFPA; Administration of Justice practices; Senior Management Network Programme; Reimbursement for private tuition in mother tongue; Arrangements to support those left behind following the death of a staff member - survey results; Staff Management relations; Briefing by the FB Network; Briefing by Department of Safety and Security of Staff; Security and Safety of UN Staff – HLCM Recommendations; Dual Career and Staff Mobility Programme; Stress Counsellors; UN Cares Update; Agreement concerning conditions of employment of short-term conference interpreters; UNDP “Resident Coordinator Band” proposal; "Delivering as One" pilot countries; (b) Succession Planning; Meetings of the HR Network Standing Committee on Field Duty Stations.

  • Addressing Sexual Harassment
  • Coordination with other UN Mechanisms
  • Inequalities
  • Future of Work
  • Gender Equality
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Human Resources Network (HRN)
  • Session report


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