Session Report

Report of  17th Session (March 2009, Madrid)

Performance management – updated framework and use of steps; Work/Life Balance; Review of separation payments; Update on the UN/US grade equivalency studies; Gender balance; Development of the exit interview questionnaire; Feasibility of inter-agency roster of qualified women; Review of the General Service survey methodologies; 2008/2009 Work plan; Mobility Accord; Guidelines on “disabilities” in the workplace; Review of the mandatory age of retirement; Salary Survey cost-sharing for 2010-2011; Staff and Stress Counsellors’ Group; Management Leadership Programme (UNSSC); Junior Professional Officer/Associate Expert Programmes - JIU Report; Gender Policies; Administration of Justice; New Contractual Arrangements and Revised Rules and Regulations (United Nations and Funds & Programmes); Staff Safety and Security: Report of the Steering Committee on Safety & Safety and OWG on the Strengthening of the UN Security Management System; Report of the IASMN Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Working Group/MORSS; HR Management Implementation of Career Path for Security Professionals; UN Medical Directors Network; Guidelines on Succession Planning; Recruitment for Senior Posts; Harmonization of Business Practices; Arrangements to support those left behind following the death of a staff member; Appendix “D”; Long Term Care; Standards of accommodation for Air Travel; Dual Career and Staff Mobility; UN Cares; Standing Field Group; JIU Study on Management/Staff Dialogue in the United Nations System; Delivering as One ; UNDG Activities in the area of Human Resources; Outcomes from the HR Directors strategic meeting in Paris, November 2008; ILOAT Judgements on Personal Transition; AIIC Mid-Term Review; Personnel Statistics; Overview of HLCM Activities and Linkages.

  • Addressing Sexual Harassment
  • Coordination with other UN Mechanisms
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Human Resources Network (HRN)
  • Session report


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