Session Report

Report of 1st Session (June 2001, New York)

Review of the pay and benefits system; Standards of conduct for the international civil service; Base/floor salary scale; Evolution of the net remuneration margin; ICSC Programme Budget 2002-2003; Introduction of the Euro; Contractual arrangements; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment at Rome, Geneva and New York (language teachers); Sustainable employability; Recruitment concerns; Staff/Management relations; Ad Hoc meeting on social policy issues in the UN system workplace; Ad Hoc Inter-Agency Meeting on Security; Task Force on UN staff and their dependants living with HIV/AIDS; On-going HRM studies: (a) Comparative study on HR policies; (b) Core competency framework; Follow up to decisions made by CCAQ(PER) in respect of: (a) Simplification of processes, including a pilot approach to the development of a “relocation grant”; (b) Paternity leave – an update; (c) Participating Agencies Mobility System (PAMS); Update on AHRMIO; Organizational matters focussing in particular on input to HLCM.

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