Session Report

Report of the 25th Session (June 2012, UNESCO)

Discussions on personnel working for UN common system organizations on non-staff contracts; WG on review of the ICSC HR Framework; HBP HR projects; Inter-Agency Mobility; Support to staff and families after incident or death; Language proficiency examinations; UN Cares; Update from Field Group; Report on Performance Appraisal. ICSC Issues: Level of the Education Grant; Report of the WG on the review of pensionable remuneration; Mandatory age of separation; review of the implementation of the three types of contracts and the phasing out of appointments of limited duration (ALDs); Base/floor salary scale; Evolution of the UN/US net remuneration margin; Children's and secondary dependants' allowances; Report of 34th session of ACPAQ and agenda for its 35th session; Mobility/hardship scheme: review of "H" category duty stations and field duty stations; Overview of mobility policies within organizations. Conditions of service of General Services and other locally recruited staff:  Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment at Rome; Assessing the implementation of the job evaluation standards for the General Service and related categories.  Conditions of service in the field: Rest and recuperation: accommodation portion of travel; Review of the SEA and the EMSEA; Methodology for the adjustment of danger pay for both categories of staff.  Annexes: Terms of Reference of Field Group; WFP presentation on professionalization of the HR function.

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