Session Report

Report of the 26th Session (13-15 February 2013, Budapest)

Issues for the HR Network's considerations such as: the outcome of the HLCM Retreat and its impact on the programme of work and working modalities of the HR Network; ICC Observer organization to be party of the Inter-Organization Agreement on Mobility; Report from the Field Group; Employment of persons with disability; Mobility, including RC issues; mandatory age of separation; JIU report on compliance withmultilingualism; UN Cares update; other HR issues raised on UN common system benchmarking of staff surveys; review of the income ceiling for retirees in respect of a UN pension; educational requirements for senior GS positions, flexi-time or telecommuting. Discussion of ICSC issues on common system package of staff; mobility/hardship scheme (review of "H" category duty stations and field duty station); children's and secondary dependents' allowances; methodology for the grade equivalency study; survey of prevailing conditions of employment in Paris (GS and other locally recruited staff); Report of the WG on Framework for HR Management.

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