Recruitment & Outreach

  • Reports to: HLCM Human Resources Network
  • Co-Chairs: UN Secretariat, UNICEF


The Working Group is focused on three main areas:

(1) Talent outreach and talent acquisition;

(2) Good practices in improving and accelerating recruitment processes;

(3) enhancing personnel testing and assessment tools.

In the area of outreach, the group has started joint mission planning for recruitment missions to underrepresented countries, has organized experience sharing opportunities for more targeted use of online talent outreach and has successfully piloted an inter-agency online career fair for prospective candidates with disabilities. These activities are currently evaluated for further roll-out. The WG (through WFP) is currently finalizing  

A framework agreement with LinkedIn with the aim to later apply such system-wide agreements also to other recruitment-related vendors (i.e. for video interviewing or providers of online career fairs, rostering tools and suitable testing platforms). The WG has provided opportunities for in-depth experience exchange on testing and assessment approaches, both among its members, with partner institutions such as the European Personnel Selection Office and innovative technology startups. 

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