Privacy Policy

At the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) we strive to provide services to better serve our public. We recognize that privacy is an important issue, so we design and operate our services with the protection of your privacy in mind. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information we may gather when visitors use the CEB web site. The following principles apply to information we ask for and that visitors provide, that individually identifies you, such as your name, physical address or email address.

1 General

(1.1) The CEB is committed to maintaining Visitor privacy. This site is maintained by the CEB Secretariat. Both the CEB and the CEB Secretariat are hereafter referred to as the CEB.
(1.2) This site serves Visitors both internal and external to the CEB’s membership, (hereafter collectively referred to as Visitors). Although Visitors may browse through most of the Site without being requested to provide any personal information, it may be required in some cases in order to provide the service(s) requested.
(1.3) Registered Visitors are granted access to restricted areas of the Site. Access rights and assigned permissions of all Visitor groups are managed by the CEB Webmaster. Likewise, all registration requests are administered by the CEB Webmaster.

2 Service Types

(2.1) The CEB provides various services or resources on the Internet in order to improve the communication between the CEB and its Visitorship. The following types of services are present on the CEB Site: (2.1.1) Information services that facilitate Visitors' effective access to information and related resources;
(2.1.1) Interactive services that facilitate dialogue between the CEB member organization staff, communities of practice and external Visitors;
(2.1.1) Publishing services enabling subscribed Visitors to publish and modify content accessible to specific Visitor groups;
(2.1.1) Personalized services that enable Visitors to submit personal information for internal processing.
(2.2) The CEB collects personal information exclusively to the extent necessary to fulfill a specific purpose. Such information will not be re-used for an incompatible purpose.

3 Visitor Identification

(3.1) Access to some areas of the Site may require a subscription. Visitor names and passwords are unique (to individuals), confidential, and proprietary within the Site. Visitor names and passwords should not be shared with third parties unless explicitly authorized in writing by CEB.
(3.2) Visitor names and passwords are known only to their rightful owner and the CEB Webmaster. Registration information is kept confidential for exclusive use by CEB and will not be passed on to any other organization.

4 Data Integrity

(4.1) The CEB makes no guarantee against the accidental or malicious modification, alteration or deletion of Visitor provided data.

5 Visitor Privacy

(5.1) Certain information about the Visitor, such as Internet protocol (IP) addresses, navigation through the Site, the software used and the time spent, along with other similar information, may be automatically collected and stored on CEB servers. This information will not directly identify the Visitor and may be used internally for statistical reporting purposes.

6 Confidentiality

(6.1) Visitor information may be derived using technical means, such as cookies, in order to support an application's functionality. Advertisers, sponsors and other third parties are not granted access to CEB website generated cookies.
(6.2) The CEB will only disclose information to third parties if that is necessary for the fulfillment of the services identified above and to the mentioned (categories of) recipients. The CEB will not divulge personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

7 Data Processing

(7.1) The CEB only keeps the data for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of collection or further processing. As data subjects, Visitors have the right to object to the deletion or retention of personal data on legitimate compelling grounds except when it is collected in order to comply with a legal obligation, is necessary for the performance of a contract to which a Visitor is a party, or is to be used for a purpose for which a Visitor has given unambiguous consent, such as an application for work within the CEB.
(7.2) Some web pages on the Site present the option to contact or pose questions to the CEB. If necessary, the CEB may consult external information sources in furtherance of a response to questions raised, with provided personal data in attachment.

8 Publishing Personal Data

(8.1) The CEB reserves the right to send Visitors certain communications relating to the services the CEB procures, such as website update announcements, administrative messages and newsletters. The CEB does not guarantee that requests to unsubscribe from such lists will be met in all cases.

9 Limited Liability

(9.1) Some transactional services provided by the CEB may be supported by, and integrate with, trusted third party applications or web-services. These may be hosted remotely and outside the operational control of the CEB. In such instances, Visitors are advised to read the disclaimers provided by the service provider to which they are redirected.
(9.2) Although the CEB has implemented security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, or fraudulent usage of the personal data it maintains, it cannot guarantee complete security for this data and therefore assumes no responsibility for its integrity or confidentiality. Likewise, the CEB declines all responsibility for the security and use or misuse of your personal data by external Sites.
(9.3) The use of this Site, which may involve the submission of company and personal information, demonstrates an understanding of this agreement.
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