Other related matters

(1) At the 14th session (CEB/2007/HR/14, para.74) of the HR Network, the Commission decided that its coordinating and regulating role in the area of leave entitlements should be concentrated on ensuring a consistent common system policy with respect to those elements of leave which were essential to maintaining harmonized recruitment incentives, facilitating mobility of staff and ensuring coherent conditions of employment among organizations with similar situated staff.  The areas of concentration would include, but would not be limited to annual, home and sick leave.

Taking into account any guidelines established by the ICSC on other leave entitlements, the organizations should have the flexibility to address these issues in the light of recent trends and best practices in work/life balance, healthcare etc.  When considering such issues, the organizations should consult with the Chairman of ICSC.

ICSC urged the organizations to strengthen partnership with the Commission in monitoring best practices and developments in the area of leave entitlements and to share this information with the Commission in a timely manner.  For this part, the Commission would continue to keep organizations informed of practices within the common system.

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