NEWS - Addressing Sexual Harassment

The Victim-Centred Approach in Practice

A victim-centred approach to SEA and SH

The Office of the Victims' Rights Advocate, in collaboration with IOM, OHCHR and the CEB Task Force on Addressing Sexual Harassment, has produced a United Nations System-wide Training Module to provide participants with a clear and practical understanding of what the victim-centred approach means and what needs to be done to put a victim/survivor first. The training module, intended for all United Nations staff and related personnel, outlines the responsibilities of each person working for the United Nations so they will know how to respond in accordance with the victim-centred approach when they become aware of an allegation of sexual misconduct.

More information about the training module, including all materials, can be found on the Victims’ Rights First website through the below link.

Annual Survey on Reporting of Sexual Harassment

The Task Force’s technical sub-group on improved reporting of sexual harassment has developed a survey to annually collect an overview of the state of reporting of sexual harassment in the organizations of the UN system. The survey, which aggregates data from across participating organizations, has been reviewed and improved for the collection in 2022 of data on reporting of sexual harassment from 2021. In a further effort for openness and transparency, the Task Force has decided at its meeting in fall 2022 to publicly share the narrative results report, which can be found below.

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