Infrastructure Transformation Subgroup

The Infrastructure Transformation Subgroup (ITS) of the Digital and Technology Network (DTN) is established to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise and promote inter-agency cooperation and collaboration on ICT infrastructure-related matters within the UN system.
The impact of cloud services will continue to be a dominant driver of change for ICT infrastructure and operations for the next several years. How the UN system can transform its ICT infrastructure to take advantage of this driver is a key focus area for the ITS. Cloud-specific areas of examination include:

  •  The use of public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios for the UN system.
  •  Optimizing workloads for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
  •  Cloud migration, backup and disaster recovery (DR).
  •  Cloud governance.
  •  Cloud cost models.

In addition to cloud concerns, the interests of the ITS will include, but are not restricted to, the following areas:

  •  Sharing of past successes / lessons learnt and exchanges on current priorities;
  •  Using infrastructure enhancements to improve the speed of delivery;
  •  Designing software-defined architectures;
  •  Using provisioning and orchestration in support of automation and self-service
  •  Using machine learning to enhance monitoring and predictive capabilities;
  •  Sharing best practices related to identity, IT security engineering and operations, and compliance;
  •  Evaluating tools that manage both data centre and cloud assets;
  •  Collaborating on evaluation of new and proposed technologies and approaches;
  •  Identifying areas for cost management and resource optimization;
  •  Engaging leading vendors of common interest to share their vision, direction and product roadmaps;
  •  Reviewing and advising on staffing and team structure models for ICT infrastructure teams within the UN system;
  •  Recommending methods to expand the skill sets of infrastructure and operations practitioners within the UN system;
  •  Finding partnership opportunities with private, public sector and academic institutions that support infrastructure transformation; and,
  •  Providing updates to the DTN on transformational technologies and infrastructure trends of interest to the UN system.
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