ICT Federation Subgroup

With the continued implementation of the cloud technologies, more and more points of collaboration and integration can be explored for the Agencies, Funds, Programmes and United Nations Secretariat.

One such point is the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Business to Business (B2B) driven collaboration. This will allow the Organization to securely share applications, services and resources with the UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes and other trusted partners.

This collaboration allows the trusted external partner to continue managing their respective user’s identities in their own environment. However these users will be present in the organizations system as guests with the appropriate access rights.


The overall object is the continued simplification of the underlying ICT infrastructure, here specifically the enterprise identify system. The interconnection of the various identity systems of the UN System organizations (Agencies, Funds, Programmes and UN Secretariat) will facilitate the secure sharing of resources of different organizations while using their native account information and credentials.

Partners will be allowed to keep their identity and branding while still being integrating into the larger UN System collaboration and communication.

Short Term Objectives

  • The establishment of Azure AD B2B connections between UN Secretariat and Agencies, Funds and Programmes, thereby making for example, the following Secretariat hosted applications available to partners:
  • iSeek (UN Secretariat Intranet)
  • Department of Safety & Security applications
  • Earthmed
  • Continued use of Microsoft Office 365 applications, such as SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams for collaboration and increased communication between Agencies, Funds, Programmes and UN Secretariat.

Long Term Objectives

  • Further integration of global directory services to form a common system of names, telephone numbers, email addresses and other contact information.
  • B2B extended when Microsoft provides solution of be-friending domains.
  • Future of B2C in the United Nations.


  • Digital & Technology Network (DTN)