Fellowship Questions

(1)     At its 82nd session (February 1995), CCAQ(FB) endorsed a proposal by the Senior Fellowship Officers which consisted of (ACC/1995/6, para. 44 and 45):

     (a)     the refinement of the methodology for establishing the stipend rate, when the results of the reviews of the adequacy of the stipend rate were known; and

     (b)     the revision of the payment of the termination allowance to provide:

          -     a lump sum payment of US$ 100 for fellowships of up to 6 months;

          -     a lump sum payment of US$ 200 for fellowships of up to one year; and

          -     a lump sum payment of up to a maximum of US$ 400 for long-term fellowships, at the discretion of the agency if circumstances of the fellowship, including its duration, so warrant.


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