Working Group on Common Treasury

This WG targets an opportunity to realize savings and allow for economies of scale across the UN system through a combination of treasury services. The FB network at its meeting of July 2008 endorsed the launch of a "Feasibility Study for Putting in Place Common UN Treasury Services and established a working group on “Common Treasury Services”. Lead agencies: IFAD and WHO.

In line with the HLCM Plan of Action for the Harmonization of Business Practices in the UN System, this initiative intends to institutionalize best treasury management practices in the UN system and to explore the establishment of common treasury management for UN system organizations.

The outputs of this Working Group are as follows:

• Survey to identify state of the art on treasury practices in UN system

• Website for improving and facilitating inter-agencies knowledge and information sharing in the areas of Treasury operations:

• Feasibility study. Access to the web page of the Steering Committee for the feasibility study: