Participation - validation of prior service

(1) At its 12th session (April 1952: CO-ORDINATION/R.124) CCAQ advised TAB to continue to exclude from the Pension Fund experts with contracts of less than three years. At its 14th session (1953: CO-ORDINATION/R.142) the Committee reiterated that, for reasons stated in para. 97 of its report, experts in "project" posts should continue to be excluded from the Fund, at least where length of contract or continuous service was less than three years. At the first part of the 16th session (April 1955: CO-ORDINATION/R.193/Add.1/Rev.1, paras.

Retirement age - age of mandatory separation

Statutory age of retirement is the age at which staff members can retire with the full retirement benefits they have acquired according to the Regulations and Rules of the UNJSPF. It is at present (January 1992) age 60 for all participants in the Fund at 31 December 1989 and age 62 for all those entering or re-entering after that date (article 28a). Age of mandatory separation is the age at which staff members shall not be retained in active service, unless otherwise decided by the executive head.

Other pension matters

(1) At its 11th session (1951: CC/A.11/SR.11; CO-ORDINATION/R.93) CCAQ discussed payment of Pension Fund contributions for validation of past service of transferees; currencies available to member organizations for payment of contributions to the Fund; and entitlement under the Fund of participants in leave-without-pay status.