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This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM and HLCP). Discussions on Programme issues (Follow-up to the Millennium Summit: “Preventing armed conflict”;  Future role of the High-level Committee on Programmes (HLCP) in follow-up to the United Nations Millennium Declaration; Preparations for future  discussions on financing for development and strategies for sustainable development) and Management issues (Staff security and safety; Reform of the pay and benefits system; Information and communication technologies; Dialogue with the Chairman of the International Civil Service Commission and staff representatives; Secretary-General’s reform initiative).


Action on Financing for Development and Strategies for Sustainable Development

CEB encouraged HLCP and its open-ended group to pursue their work on identifying the actions required to maximize the system’s support to a sustained follow-up to the Summit, taking into account the above-mentioned considerations. With regard to the intention of HLCP to initiate a study on the system’s collaboration with civil society, CEB members welcomed the initiative, noting that it would also serve to complement, from a system-wide perspective, the Secretary-General’s decision referred to in his report on United Nations reform, entitled “Strengthening of the United Nations: an agenda for further change” (A/57/387) to establish a panel of eminent personalities to review the relationship between the United Nations and civil society.

Action on Management Issues

CEB took note of the report of HLCM and expressed appreciation for the progress the Committee had achieved, especially in the areas outlined by its Chairman. In particular, CEB underlined the importance it attached to compliance with minimum operating security standards, and with aviation safety and security standards. CEB reaffirmed its strong support for the proposals being put forward by ICSC to reform the pay and benefits system and commended the Commission for the progress made. It encouraged the Commission to play an active role in pursuing these proposals, which should be given the highest priority in the Commission’s work. CEB members also expressed appreciation to FICSA for its positive reaction to the ICSC reform proposals and concurred with the emphasis placed by the Federation on making careers in the international civil service more rewarding.

Action on follow-up to the UN Millennium Declaration

CEB took note of the attention given by the Committee at its last session to system-wide follow-up and monitoring of the Millennium Development Goals. It welcomed the Committee’s decision to keep the implementation of the Millennium Declaration and ongoing monitoring processes under review, bearing in mind the concern of CEB to ensure mutual reinforcement between global and country monitoring activities.