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This report covers: Discussions on Programme issues (Migration and development, Employment and decent work, Least developed countries, Gender equality and gender mainstreaming) and Management issues (Results-based management; United Nations System Staff College).


Action on Employment and Decent Work

The Secretary-General noted that there was strong interest in a discussion by the Board on employment and decent work at the spring session that would combine strategic considerations and concrete action. The preparations that the High Level Committee on Programmes were undertaking under the leadership of ILO augured well for a productive session in April.

Action on HLCM

CEB took note of the report of the High Level Committee on Management, endorsed its conclusions and recommendations, and thanked the Chair and Vice-Chair for their very effective leadership of the Committee’s work.

Action on Results-based Management

CEB agreed that results-based management was a key part of the effort to reform the business practices of institutions around the system. It decided to expand the analysis of the subject to include the related issue of performance management in order to learn what incentives exist within the system to enhance performance. It was noted that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have their own independent results-based management systems. CEB decided to revert to this item following further work by both Committees.

Action on UN Staff College

CEB members expressed appreciation for the new directions being taken by the Staff College, and recommitted the system to making full and effective use of its facilities as an integral part of the renewed effort advocated in the “One United Nations” report to advance a learning culture system-wide. The Secretary-General assured the Director of the Staff College of the backing of CEB in building up a College owned by the whole United Nations system.

Action on International Migration and Development

The Secretary-General noted that, despite the difficult issues involved, the High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development had opened new avenues for progress and for advancing the goals of the United Nations system. He urged all to remain united in supporting the follow-up process and in fully seizing the opportunities it offered for promoting development and international understanding.