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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Security and Safety of Staff; United Nations system collaboration in regard to accountability and transparency; Update on the work of the HLCP, Report of the ICT Network on the elaboration of the United Nations system ICT strategy, Financial and budgetary issues; Human resources issues; United Nations common system issues; Secretariat of CEB. Other matters included: United Nations system medical directors’ group, Rules governing compensation.


Action on Security and safety of staff

The Committee:

  • Welcomed Mr. Veness to his new position and expressed its appreciation and support for the objectives of the new security arrangements as presented by him;
  • noted two specific issues for future consideration by DSS:  the appointment and role of Designated Officials in Headquarters duty stations (the DO role rotated in Rome but nothing existed in Geneva); and, that the inter-relationship between DSS and the specialized agencies needed to be looked at and improved.

Action on Security and safety of staff, Cost Sharing Formula for Field-related Security Costs

The Committee agreed that a governance system which would ensure a more participatory and transparent procedures for future exercises on budgets subject to cost sharing should be established.  Thus would ensure that all organizations participating in cost-sharing arrangements would be periodically consulted in a timely manner on each step of the formulation, approval, re-costing and revision of cost-shared budgets.

It was also agreed that organizations would raise the awareness of their governing bodies about the potentially negative impact that the decision to support the cost sharing approach could have on the funding of programme activities.
On the cost sharing formula, the following organizations expressed reservations regarding the level of the minimum amount (US$ 75,000), as this amount would place a disproportionate burden on them given their budget size: WMO, UPU, ITU, ICAO, IMO, WTO (Trade), WTO (Tourism) and ITC.