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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Security and Safety of Staff; Update on the work of the HLCP; The impact on management and programmes of the changing relationship between regular and voluntary funding; Report of the third annual meeting of the United Nations system ombudsmen; Measures to improve system-wide mobility; United Nations common system issues; Human resources issues; Information and communication technology issues; Financial and budgetary issues; Review of governance structures, principles, accountability and future format and consideration of the reports of the Board of Auditors; Presentation by the JIU on managing for results in the United Nations system.


Action on Security and safety of staff, Inter-agency Security Management Network (IASMN)

The Committee:

Security Risk Management

  • Endorsed the Risk Management model and recommended its immediate adoption as a tool to enable enhanced security management at the local, regional and headquarters levels.
  • Agreed that each Designated Official and Security Management Team should conduct a threat and risk assessment, and identify areas of vulnerability in order to determine the measures necessary to mitigate risk. (The threat and risk assessment was an ongoing cyclical exercise, which should be maintained, reviewed and updated on a regular basis.)
  • Agreed that threat assessments, put together by a country team, should be reviewed by a dedicated unit within UNSECOORD to ensure a consistent approach. 

Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS)

Action on Measures to Improve System-wide Mobility

The Committee:

  • Expressed its appreciation to FAO and the Working Group for the excellent work done and progress achieved;
  • Approved the Accord, in principle, on the understanding that it would be refined and finalized under the auspices of the HR Network;
  • Requested that the CEB secretariat consult with HR Network members to this effect and ensure the timely finalization of the Accord.

Action on Inter-organization Mobility

The Committee:

  • Noted that at present inter-organization mobility was limited;
  • Encouraged organizations to promote and support inter-organization mobility through the establishment and enhancement of suitable organizational policies, practices, systems and other measures; and
  • Requested that the CEB secretariat undertake a follow-up survey to the baseline in early 2007 and report back on the findings at the Committee’s spring 2007 session.