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Issues discussed included: Security and safety of staff; Update on the work of the HLCP; The impact on management and programme of the changing relationship between regular and voluntary funding; Measures to improve system-wide mobility, Human resources issues; Information and communication technologies issues.


Action on Security and safety of staff

The Committee:

  • Agreed that the 2004 census should include data on numbers of staff by location and contract type but without the names of staff members;
  • Requested all organizations to review their census process so as to ensure thorough, rigorous and timely census returns;
  • Requested the CEB secretariat to investigate any anomalies in the data received with individual organizations; if the count was not rigorous to refer the matter back to HLCM for a review of the entire census process

Action on Security and safety of staff, Headquarters Security and Safety

The Committee:

  • Stated its interest in working collectively to produce basic security standards for all UN staff and facilities whilst maintaining some levels of flexibility to accommodate local conditions with the aim of greater centralization of security management in the UN system, particularly with a view of providing clarity of where individual responsibilities lie and also requested clarification on the definition of “headquarters”;
  • Noted the intention of UNSS to prepare a draft security policy statement for submission to the CEB;
  • Agreed that, although security spending was a critical issue, the planned budget increases for spending by UNSECOORD could not be met from cost-sharing methods and must, therefore, be a priority item in the UN budget to be put before the General Assembly.

Action on Security and safety of staff,Survey on Total Expenditures on Security

The Committee:

  • Thanked the Secretariat for the work done so far and agreed that a working group be established to report back to the next session of HLCM on how security costs should be categorised for reporting purposes.  This would then enable all organizations to report security spending in a consistent and transparent manner.  The working group should involve the FB Network and should include, in its proposals, how to address the issue of accounting and reporting for spending on security that was cost-shared.


Action on Security and safety of staff,UN Humanitarian Air Service Liability Issues

The Committee:

  • Thanked WFP for its work to-date on this issue and asked it to lead a small group to consider the options for resolving this matter, in particular the following options be considered (i) WFP pay for more coverage and raise its costs to organizations appropriately; (ii) the UN pay for all air passengers or; (iii) flights are limited to UN staff only.  Organizations wishing to participate in the work of the group were requested to identify themselves to WFP.

Action on Measures to Improve System-wide Mobility

The Committee:

  • Agreed that initiatives to enhance inter-agency mobility should be sustained;
  • Requested the CEB secretariat to conduct a questionnaire-based exercise to determine the baseline for organizations with regard to efforts to increase or facilitate inter-agency mobility and then to present its findings, in the form of a matrix, to the fall session of HLCM;
  • Agreed that the matrix, once developed, should be updated on an annual basis.