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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Security and Safety of Staff; Measures to improve system-wide mobility; Information and communication technology issues; Financial and budgetary issues;, Procurement issues; Chief Executives Board secretariat issues.


Action on Security and safety of staff, 2003 Census and Cost Sharing Formula

The Committee was concerned about the application of relatively small flat rates in the context of increasing overall costs and considered inter alia whether the flat rate should not be expressed as a percentage of the total budget to be cost-shared.

After careful consideration and taking account of general concerns for the budget process and the application of the cost sharing formula, the Committee decided:

Action on Security and safety of staff, (iii) Contingency Planning and Emergency Preparations

The Committee:

  • Welcomed the UN’s offer to share the template of its plan and to help other organisations with the development of their plans;
  • Noting that most plans should be location-specific, underlined the urgent need to ensure that risk assessments be carried out for headquarters as well as for field duty stations;
  • Decided to review, in 2004, the status of the development of organizations’ plans and in this context requested its Secretariat to undertake a survey for presentation to the Committee’s eighth session.

Action on Dual careers/Access to work permits


  • Took note of the interim report (CEB/2003/HLCM/R.15) containing 27 replies from Resident Coordinators to Under Secretary-General Catherine Bertini’s e-mail of 4 September 2003 on access to work permits and other issues surrounding spouse employment;
  • Took note also of the useful comments being provided by Resident Coordinators;
  • Requested that the Secretariat complete the report as soon as possible, incorporating whatever supplementary information might be obtained both from Resident Coordinators and others engaged in attempting to obtain permits for spouses/partners.