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Conclusions of the Thirty-third Session of the High Level Committee on Programmes (UN Headquarters, New York) Issues discussed at the session: Risk, Prevention, and Resilience; Cross-Pillar Linkages and Coherence; Climate Change; UN System Leadership Framework; Scoping Discussion -System-Wide Strategic Coherence as Key Driver for Addressing Global Challenges; Summary of Information Items-Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries.


Action on Risk, Resilience and Prevention

 The Committee confirmed its support for the risk and resilience approach and requested that the Task Team, under WFP’s continued leadership, take into consideration the Committee’s feedback and submit its final and concluding work to HLCP at its 34th session. The Committee also requested the Task Team to pilot the approach by applying it to a few specific contexts (including to “frontier issues” identified by HLCP at the current session) in order to demonstrate its practical applicability.

Action on Cross-Pillar Linkages and Coherence

 In conclusion, the Chair observed that HLCP’s so-far conceptual examination of cross-pillar coherence seemed to have passed a test of field validation. She noted the Committee’s broad support for the need for greater conceptual clarity across numerous integration-related approaches, i.e. a conceptual framework that could illuminate interlinkages and complementarities, as well as pillar-specific requirements and sensitivities that might require clarification.  The risk and resilience approach discussed earlier could usefully be applied to underpin such analytical work.

Action on Climate Change

 HLCP approved the UN system Strategic Approach on Climate Change Action, subject to the incorporation of minor revisions emanating from the discussion, for onward submission to CEB for its endorsement. With this approval, this long-standing agenda item reached its conclusion.

Action on Megatrends

The Chair of HLCP requested the HLCP Secretariat to prepare, as an input to the Chair’s contribution to the discussions at the upcoming CEB session, a compilation of the key frontier issues of relevance to the entire UN system as identified by the Committee. As suggested by some members, based on the guidance emanating from the CEB session, the Committee might consider engaging in more in-depth examinations on particularly relevant issues, possibly before the scheduled 34th session of HLCP.