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Conclusions of the Thirty-First Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Vienna, 22-23 March 2016). Issues discussed included: Support to the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda; New UN System Compensation Package and MAS65: conclusions of the intergovernmental discussion, implementation plans, and launch of the new phase of the review - for National Professional Officer and the General Service and related categories; Duty of Care and Safety and Security of Staff; ASHI - Outcome of the General Assembly's discussions on the SG's report; Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse; FICSA proposal regarding the cost-sharing of elected officials; IPSAS System-wide Progress Report for July-December 2015.


Action on One set of principles and follow up to CEB’s mandates

The Committee:
Endorsed, in principle and with amendments as per discussion, the CEB common principles to guide UN system’s effective, integrated, and whole-of-system support to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, for submission to CEB at its April 2016 session.

Provided comments and suggestions towards the finalization of the HLCM Strategic Results 2013-2016 paper and proposed Way Forward, for submission to CEB at its April 2016 session.

Action on Human Resources for the 2030 Agenda

The Committee:
Endorsed the HR Network discussion paper on the evolution of a "Global UN system workforce" and expressed support for the general direction of a transformative change in People Management practices and the management of HR functions.

Requested the HR Network to revert at the next HLCM session with a specific implementation roadmap for the outlined HR Transformation.

Endorsed the proposal to proceed with the joint facility project for job classification and reference checking with the request that key parameters, such as governance, services offered and the detailed pricing model, are adequately worked out.

Supported the consideration of initial seed funding for the initiative by the Steering Committee of the Harmonization of Business Practices Trust Fund (HBP), to accelerate the development of a detailed feasibility study, including an implementation plan and – following the endorsement of such plan by HR Network and HLCM – the preparation of the implementation.

Action on ERP Interoperability Feasibility Study

The Committee:
Took note that the ERP Inter-operability Study identified numerous areas where efficiency gains can be obtained through the alignment and reciprocity of business operations that would make organizations administratively inter-operable.

Asked the HLCM Networks to reflect and take stock of the discussion on the outcome of the multi-disciplinary Task Force, and to further develop the follow-up actions identified, with a view to taking them forward as part of the new HLCM Strategic Plan.

Action on New UN System Compensation Package & MAS65: conclusions of the intergovernmental discussion, implementation plans, and launch of the new phase of the review – for National Professional Officer and the General Service and related categories

The Committee:
Took note with appreciation of the briefing by the HR Network.

Thanked the ICSC Leadership for its constructive role in guiding the General Assembly deliberations taking into account organizations’ requirements as outlined in the CEB Statement of November 2015.

Supported the second phase of the review in the same consultative manner, confirming the commitment of HLCM to actively engage in the discussion.

Expressed its expectation that the outcome of this new review will lead to adequate, flexible tools that allow organizations to respond in an agile and cost-effective way to their specific challenges in the context of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Action on Briefing by the USG/DSS on current safety and security issues

The Committee:
Thanked DSS for their comprehensive and detailed briefing.

Endorsed the IASMN 23rd session conclusions, along with the Policy on Security Risk Management (SRM), the Policy on Unarmed Private Security Services (UPSS), the Policy on Gender Inclusion in Security Management, and the Policy on Arming of Security Personnel.

Action on Reconciling the duty of care for UN personnel while operating in high risk environments

The Committee:
Thanked the members of the Strategic Group for their excellent job, and decided to:
A. Ask the CEB Secretariat to undertake consultations among HLCM members with a view to continuing the work of the Task Force on duty of care under the chairmanship of an HLCM member, and with composition at the appropriate level reflecting the different stakeholders (HR Network, medical, security, etc.).

B. Ask the Task Force to present a proposal for a way forward, with a prioritized list of concrete and achievable deliverables for consideration by the HLCM at its fall 2016 session, for subsequent inclusion in the new HLCM Strategic Plan.

Action on ASHI – Outcome of the General Assembly's discussions on the SG’s report

The Committee:
Expressed appreciation for the work of the FB Network ASHI Working Group and took note of the outcome of the General Assembly`s deliberations on the report of the Secretary-General.

Requested the Finance and Budget Network to follow up on the recommendations formulated in the report of the Secretary-General on managing after-service health insurance liabilities, as endorsed by the ACABQ and the Fifth Committee, taking into account the objective to contain costs and protect the interests of staff and retirees, and prepare a report for submission to the General Assembly at its seventy-first session.

Reaffirmed the need for the Working Group to complete a comprehensive, UN system-wide analysis and follow-up action plan on the complex and multi-faceted subject of ASHI, informed by the inter-governmental discussion that took place in the General Assembly, with a view to presenting a coherent and collective position, representative of the needs and specificities of all member organizations, in the next report of the Secretary-General to be submitted to the General Assembly at its resumed 71st session.

Requested the Finance and Budget Network to provide a status report on progress made at the next session of HLCM.