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Framework for Human Resources Management: (a) Review of the pay and benefits system: Report of the Working Group to the Commission (i) Realigning job evaluation to support organizational performance; (ii) Planning a broad banded salary structure for the United Nations common system; (iii) Pay for performance: developing a reward strategy for the United Nations common system; (iv) A United Nations Executive Service; (v) Recruitment, retention and relocation bonuses; (vi) New approaches and the current pay and benefits system; (vii) Relevant labour markets and the Noblemaire Principle; (viii) Pay reform: experiences of national civil services and international organizations; (ix) Interim report of the first working group meeting (Vienna, 3-7 December 2001); (b) Contractual arrangements; Base/floor salary scale; Review of the level of children’s and secondary dependant’s allowances; Common scale of staff assessment; Hazard pay; Mission subsistence allowance; Paternity leave; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment for the General Service and related categories in London; Outcome of HLCM meeting; Simplification of processes; Progress report on the work of the Task Force on HIV/AIDS; UN Staff College; Health insurance schemes (HIS) in the UN System; Domestic partners; On-going HRM studies: Core competency framework; Comparative study on HR policies; Update on the Association for Human Resources Management in International Organizations (AHRMIO); Monitoring the level of the education grant; The common system personnel data base.