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Issues discussed at the session: Post-2015 development; Climate Change; Small Island Developing States ; New United Nations urban agenda; Other programme matters: Migration and Development, social and environmental sustainability, Istanbul Programme of Action for the Least developed Countries, reports of UN-Water, UN-energy and UN-Oceans, A world of 7 billion.


Action on Post-2015 Development Agenda

The Committee agreed that, under the leadership of its Vice Chair, the four papers, plus a fifth on the data revolution, would be refashioned, taking into account the discussion under this item and written comments, and would be shared both with UNDG and HLCM for consideration at their upcoming sessions. While HLCP would focus on the “what,” the other pillars would delve deeper into the “how”. The chapeau would be a joint contribution of all three pillars, as a basis for discussion by CEB at its first regular session of 2014. HLCP further suggested that CEB might wish to set forth a time frame for a joint statement as a clarion call on the post-2015 development agenda at its second regular session of 2014.

Action on a new UN Urban Agenda

HLCP welcomed UN-Habitat’s proposal and decided to establish an ad hoc time-bound HLCP Working Group on a New United Nations Urban Agenda to present a policy paper on “Urbanization and Sustainable Development: Towards a New United Nations Urban Agenda” at CEB’s second regular session of 2015, with a first draft to be delivered at the CEB’s second regular session of 2014.

Action on Migration and Development

With the understanding that HLCP’s views would be conveyed to GMG for reflection in a revised synthesis report on follow-up action taken by the UN system to the High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, the Committee recommended the report to CEB for its consideration at the Board’s first regular session in 2014. (Revised synthesis report is included in Annex V.)