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Conclusions of the Twenty-Sixth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Geneva, 10-11 October 2013). Issues discussed included: Performance Management; Status of action on the new HLCM Strategic Plan and Results Framework; HLCM’s response to the QCPR; ICSC Review of the UN Compensation Package; Mandatory Age of Separation; UN System Data Visualization Platform.


Action on Cyber-security

The committee:

  • Thanked the ICT Network for its work.
  • Took note of all the work done in the area of cyber-security by HLCP.
  • Thanked the World Bank for its generous offer and called upon the ICT Network to take concrete action to gain from experiences and lessons learned.

Action on the Mandatory Age of Separation

The committee:

  • Took note of the ICSC recommendation to increase the Mandatory Age of Separation for existing staff to 65 as of 1st January 2016.
  • Stressed that reduced attrition rates would impact the organizations' ability to improve geographic representation and gender balance, and may impede the organizational and work force realignment and planning which many organizations are undergoing, also in response to budgetary decisions taken by Member States.
  • Recommended that Executive Heads of organizations consult with Member States to ensure that they are provided with the necessary flexibility to phase in MAS65 for existing staff in a way that would enable smooth organizational and workforce planning, according to individual organizational needs.

Action on the UN System Data Visualization Platform

The committee:

  • Invited the Committee to consider information sources, expertise and initiatives that speak to this need. As a next step members were asked to provide CEB Secretariat with focal points, who may be contacted to advance this project. The immediate need is to establish a Steering Group of interested organizations, who will help oversee the project and facilitate next steps, which includes a business analysis.
  • Requested the CEB Secretariat to report back at the next HLCM session on progress made towards the formation of a Steering Group and the definition of a project proposal.