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Outcome/follow-up to HR Directors’ Strategic Meeting; Payment of fees by organizations with observer status at the HR Network; Statement on cost-sharing principles; Consolidation of the CEB Secretariat; Pay freeze; Dual Career and Staff Mobility Programme; Work-Life Balance; Harmonization of Business Practices; Security Staff Screening and Vetting Policy; UN Stress Counsellors; HR Network Workplan; Update from Field Group; UN Cares; Inter-organization Mobility Agreement; ICSC issues such as: Education grant; UN/US net remuneration margin: review of the methodology; Resolutions and decisions adopted by the GA at its 66th session; Feasibility and suitability of reflecting the pay freeze of the comparator civil service in the administration of the post adjustment system; Performance rewards and recognition; Review of SEA and EMSEA; Danger pay for GS staff; Standards of conduct.