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Conclusions of the Twenty-Third Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Madrid, 15-16 March 2012). Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Staff Federations; Security and Safety of Staff; Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of the UN System; HLCM Networks; CEB Secretariat’s dual location; UNESCO’s Financial Situation; Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equality; UNSSC: Training and Learning Programmes for the UN system; EMG Sustainability Report and Conclusions from the Executive Session.


Action on Private Security Companies

The Committee took note of the update on Private Security Companies, noting the progress achieved and the importance of on-going considerations and consultations as we move forward on this issue. The Committee further expressed its appreciation of the timeliness of the update received and urged organizations to provide input on the proposed policy and guidelines.

Action on Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equality

The Committee took note of the progress achieved in the development of the system-wide action plan for implementation of the "United Nations system-wide policy on gender equality and the empowerment of women", and encouraged organizations to continue their collaborative approach to accelerate gender mainstreaming across policies and programmes, and gender equality in the UN system.