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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Staff Federations; Security and Safety of Staff; HLCM Programme of Work, and coordination with UNDG; Mandatory Age of Separation; Improving Efficiency and Cost Controls; HLCM Networks; Social Media and the UN System, etc.


Action on Harmonization of Business Practices

The Committee:

Took note of the cooperation and coordination with the UNDG and requested that its continuation remains a priority.

Took note of the progress in the area of results reporting, recognizing the need to avoid ad-hoc reporting requests in favor of more consolidated efforts and urged organizations to commit the necessary attention to this matter while the study is being completed.

Approved the HLCM Prioritized Programme of Work in the areas of finance and budget, human resources, information and communication technology and procurement, as outlined in document CEB/2011/HLCM/6.

Action on Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of the UN System

The Committee:

Took note of the presentation offered by DFID on its Multilateral Aid Review (MAR) framework for assessing effectiveness and efficiency, that could help inform the UN system's efforts in developing and adopting tools for pursuing institutional reform.

Acknowledged the central role of HLCM in leading the effort by the UN system towards greater accountability and towards developing and implementing tools for better understanding and measuring its efficiency and effectiveness.