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Issues discussed included: Overview & prioritization of HLCM activities, and coordination with UNDG; Security and Safety of Staff ;Benefits, entitlements and insurance related to service-incurred injury, illness, death and disability; Administration of Justice; Decisions/recommendations and issues under review by the ICSC; HLCM Networks; Lessons learned in Haiti.


Action on Issues from the Inter Agency Security Management Network (IASMN)

The Committee:

Took note with appreciation of the ongoing development by UNDSS of a “UN Use of Force Policy”, which had already been vetted by the UN Office of Legal Affairs and was currently under review by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Noted that policies and standardized training programmes on “close protection” were being developed.

Took note of the update provided on the United Nations Premises Safety and Security Policy and looked forward to a full report on this issue at its next regular session, with due consideration to the issue of building standards for the construction of UN buildings.

Action on Benefits, Entitlements & Insurance Related to Service-incurred Injury, Illness, Death and Disability

The Committee:

Re-affirmed its strong commitment to the safety and security of all personnel working under the flag of the United Nations.

Acknowledged that, in the past three years, HLCM and CEB had considered and adopted a number of new mechanisms, procedures and tools which, all together, represent a major step forward towards the re-design and strengthening of a UN Security Management System that responds to the changed, increased challenges of UN system operations.

Recognized with great appreciation the fundamental role in this work of the HLCM Steering Committee on Safety and Security, of its Chair, USG Susana Malcorra, and of all the stakeholders engaged in such process, particularly UN/DSS.

Decided that the HLCM Steering Committee on Safety and Security would cease to continue. In the future, the Steering Committee could be reconvened on a strictly ad-hoc basis, if circumstances require.

Action on Issues Under Review International Civil Service Commission

The Committee:

While expressing appreciation to the ICSC for developing a framework and a methodology to determine conditions of service in non-family duty stations, noted the concerns of a number of agencies, as also expressed by the staff associations, regarding negative impact of the ICSC decision on the harmonization of such conditions of service on frontline humanitarian operations and on staff.

Noting that one of the barriers to inter-agency mobility is the lack of implementation by a number of organizations of the “Inter-Agency Mobility Accord” approved by HLCM and CEB in 2005, urged the Legal Network to provide a final and consolidated proposal, agreed by all legal offices of member organizations, for revisions to the “Inter-Agency Mobility Accord”. The proposal should be finalized in time for submission and review by HLCM at its spring 2011 session.

Action on Harmonization of Business Practices

The Committee:

Took note of the proposed prioritization of activities in the areas of finance and budget, human resources, information and communication technology and procurement, as reflected in document CEB/2010/HLCM/25.

Urged its Networks to develop and re-adjust their programmes of work accordingly, with a clear focus on the priorities identified and agreed.

Underlined the need for the results of the Survey to be seen in conjunction with the Implementation Plan for the recommendations of the HLCM-UNDG joint mission, as approved at the joint HLCM-UNDG session of 27 September and reflected in document CEB/2010/HLCM-UNDG/1/Add.1. In this context, further prioritization of activities may be necessary.

Re-affirmed the commitment by member organizations to take on the responsibility of leading and supporting activities within each Network, through working groups organized in clusters of interested organizations.

Action on Security Level System

The Committee:

Took note of the progress report and of the issues identified by the HR Network Task Force and looked forward to receiving the final recommendations of the Task Force, to be reviewed and endorsed by the HR Network, by the end of October 2010.

Took note of the briefing by the Under-Secretary General, UNDSS and endorsed the documents entitled “Security Management Decision Making and the Security Level System (SLS)” and “Relocation and Evacuation Decision after the Introduction of the Security Level System” (CEB/2010/HLCM/18 and Add.1).

Action on Programme Criticality

The Committee:

Thanked the Chair of the Programme Criticality Working Group for offering her kind availability to lead this critical work, and all organizations/departments that are contributing with extreme dedication to it.

Took note with appreciation of the considerable progress made by the Working Group, and looked forward to considering its conclusions at its spring 2011 session, before submission for approval by CEB.